OxySense, the world’s leading supplier of optical oxygen measurement systems to the packaging industry, announced today that its chief scientist, Dr Devinder Saini, will present a paper on the revolution in film permeation measurement technology at the 2009 Flexible Packaging Symposium, which is being held from 10 November to 11 November in Mumbai, India, and from 13 November to 14 November in New Delhi, India.

In his presentation, called Oxygen Measurement Across Films Using Fluorescent Technology, Dr Saini will address the advances made in optical oxygen measurement and particularly the advantages of this new direct measurement technology in comparison with conventional electrochemical sensor-based technology.

Dr Saini will be available for private meetings during the course of the event, if made in advance by appointment. If you are interested in meeting with Dr Saini and/or learning more about the OxySense Permeation System or the OxySense Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement technology, please contact John Ryan at

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