Agfa has announced the addition of permanent and removable self-adhesive grades to its innovative portfolio of Synaps® synthetic papers. Synaps is a polyester-based material ideal for use on standard offset presses with standard inks.

Jo Vander Aa, worldwide marketing and sales manager for Synaps, said: “With Synaps, printers are offered the possibility to use a synthetic paper that prints like a normal offset paper. These self-adhesive grades now broaden the range of applications.”

Standard Synaps OM and now self-adhesive Synaps AP and AR feature extremely fast ink setting and drying.

Synaps has an antistatic layer and ink-receptive topcoat to facilitate smooth transport and fast drying while using standard offset inks and without the need for powdering. Press speeds are higher than with other substrates and as oxidising inks are not required there is no expensive and time-consuming clean down at the end of the print run.

Jo Vander Aa added: “The addition of self-adhesive is a logical next step and fills the request being made by many printers who already use Synaps. While there is a great advantage for offset printers this product can also perfectly be used with UV inks, in offset and on UV-inkjet printers.”

Synaps AP can be used for permanent marking/labelling, while Synaps AR is a great solution for product promotion displays on windows and smooth surfaces.

Both standard Synaps and Synaps self-adhesive are available through local Agfa Synaps distributors. For a list of distributors, see Agfa’s website.