The soft touch of the packaging differentiates L’Occitane and communicates the love of nature, reflecting the true elegance of simplicity.

Printing on the Reverse

L’Occitane started up on a small scale some 30 years ago and has step-by-step achieved a significant brand position in the health care and perfume sectors. All their product ranges are presented in traditional packaging, reflecting core values of authenticity and simplicity.

For ten years now L’Occitane have used Frövi kraftboard for their packs. The kraft concept is their trademark, not only for the packs but also their paper bags and catalogues. It has a strong ecological impact. Until recently they only printed on the brown reverse, but when launching a new product range, they wanted to enhance the rich colours of Provence. They therefore chose to use FRÖVI BRIGHT with its white reverse. “Packaging is communication with different senses,” says Mrs Pascale Baussan, Graphical Manager at L’Occitane. “Through the years we have learned to take advantage of the properties of the Frövi board. Besides the appearance, the feel of the packs is extremely important. We prefer to print on the reverse, as the surface feels softer – like velvet. When printed, this “soft” surface accentuates the rich colours and gives a mellow and natural impact.”

The graphical design on this range is inspired from the Modernism movement. The high quality print finish is achieved by printing in two stages using 7 colours and a silk varnish. It is finished with hot foil gold print. The white text is the colour of the board.

Braille Embossing

Consistent with L’Occitane’s philosophy that their products are for everybody, the packs and products are provided with Braille embossing, a process easily achievable using Frövi’s cartonboard. The Braille does not interfere with the other text but is clearly an Added Value. L’Occitane was the first producer to use Braille on their packs but have now been followed by a number of pharmaceutical producers.

  • Producer: L’Occitane, France
  • Converter: BES Cartonnages, France
  • Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden
  • Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 270 – 390gsm