Curious and impatient are the key-words to describe the mood of the target group for advent calendars. The advent atlas from Gubor keeps them busy a little each day before Christmas and it is also building up the excitement for the Big Day.

This big Gubor advent atlas for children offers nibbling, playing and learning in one. In each of the 24 windows there is a delicious little chocolate bar. Additionally, the child will discover in a playful manner how children around the world celebrate Christmas.

In accordance with the high-end concept the cartonboard material FRÖVI BRIGHT was chosen, giving good dimensional stability in combination with very hig tear resistance to secure functional opening of the doors. Furthermore the purity of FRÖVI BRIGHT ensured a taint- and odour free treat.

End-User: Gubor Schokoladenfabrik GmbH, Germany

Converter: MMP Graphia Bielefeld GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Board Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden

Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 390 gsm