OxySense® has announced the release of its GEN III™ OxySentry system – the latest addition to the company’s GEN III line of optical oxygen monitoring and permeation systems. The GEN III line, based on OxySense’s nine years of industry experience, also includes the 5000 and 300 series lab instruments which all comply with the ASTM 2714-08 standard. The GEN III OxySentry system offers the same accuracy, speed and maintenance-free operations that the GEN III line is known for, to the world of real-time, in-line modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) oxygen monitoring and control. The OxySentry is suitable for both batch and continuous process MAP packaging lines.

“With the focus on sustainable packaging and package lightening, the food industry has become aware of the importance of proper gas flushing and production documentation,” said Peter Gerard, president of OxySense. “The GEN III OxySentry system’s innovative technology makes it operationally and financially practical to monitor and document the gas flush on a production basis.”

The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with line controllers and PLCs on new or existing lines. It may be connected directly to the plant network for data logging, processing documentation and tracking. Additionally, the durable control unit may be configured as a direct controller to sound an alarm or shut down the machine if a reading is recorded outside the acceptable range.

The GEN III OxySentry system incorporates all the unique capabilities of the current OxySentry system, with an array of new features and applications including:

  • Real-time measurements
  • No pumps
  • No samples extracted
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Operator-friendly software interface
  • Automatic and complete data logging
  • Seamless PLC interface

For additional information and pricing, please email OxySense, contact John Ryan at +1 214 483 1003, or visit our website.