Agfa Graphics has announced the launch of the new :Advantage N XXT platesetter. The new member in the :Advantage N family of platesetters is the fastest and targets high-end newspaper printers that need to match varying high-production peaks and newspaper printers who are exploring new business opportunities in the hybrid market, where higher print quality standards are required.

At IFRA Expo 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, the :Advantage N TR XXT, which features a removable plate trolley (up to 1,500 plates) for efficient plate production, will be running live in combination with the new :VXCF85 COU (clean-out unit) and :N92VCF chem-free violet plates at stand 3.220/3.120 in hall 3.

The :Advantage N XXT was designed to help newspaper publishers save on costs while improving quality and productivity. The :Advantage N XXT reaches production speeds of more than 300 plates/hr at 1270dpi. The :Advantage N XXT will be available with direct load or trolley plate-loading capabilities.

All :Advantage N engines are capable of Agfa balanced screening (:ABS), a postscript-based conventional, halftone screening system (up to 200lpi) and :Sublima, Agfa’s cross-modulated (XM) screening technology that combines AM and FM screening (212 lpi) techniques.

“Because the system is significantly faster, newspapers can extend their production deadlines, allowing more content to make the day’s edition. Additionally, the improved image quality opens the door to new business opportunities in the hybrid printing market”, said Rainer Kirschke, sales manager for Newspapers Europe, Agfa Graphics.

Like other :Advantage N systems, the new model offers Agfa’s patented FlexWheel plate registration system for error-free, fast, plate-format independent three-pin registration. It also includes Agfa’s high precision drive system, which ensures perfect registration and image quality.

The :Advantage N XXT will be available in February 2011.