The Rollbag™ 1075-S by Clamco (a member of PAC Machinery Group)is the most cost-effective, high-speed, automatic tabletop rollbag system available. The 1075-S is compact, lightweight, operator friendly and utilizes Rollbags (pre-opened bags-on-a-roll). Using the latest technological innovations, the 1075-S can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging, whether using manual or automated feeding systems. The Rollbag 1075-S system delivers exceptional value, speed and flexibility for bagging operations.

The major advantage of the Rollbag 1075-S is its high speed. In addition, the 1075-S is set up to integrate various automatic in-feed devices.

With Rollbag systems, size changes and set-up are a breeze using the built-in job storage feature and the color touch-screen control. Help screens and built-in diagnostics ensure optimum performance and uptime.

Built-in interface simplifies integration of counters, scales, robotics and other automatic in-feed devices for in-line filling. With the thermal transfer printer option, the 1075-S can print graphics, bar codes, date codes and text in-line, as each bag is indexed through the machine, eliminating the material and labor costs of applying labels.

The Rollbag 1075-S has a user-friendly operator interface, high-throughput speed and pinpoint accuracy for bag positioning for product loading and sealing.