Agfa Graphics has announced the launch of the :VXCF, a dedicated clean-out unit (COU) for the successful chem-free violet digital plate :N92-VCF. With the new COU, the :N92-VCF can reach speeds of over 300 plates/hr, a significant productivity increase in chem-free plate making. In addition to gains in speed and productivity, the :VXCF COU offers lower maintenance with less downtime. It creates 40% less waste and uses a pH-neutral gum to produce the plate.

Agfa’s chem-free violet plate technology was extremely well accepted by the newspaper market from the beginning on (IPEX 2009). High-market demand has paved the way for a chem-free solution for newspapers of all sizes because the complete setup requires 20% less energy to run and takes 20% less floor space compared to conventional photopolymer applications.

“When we take all the parameters related to chem-free plates, such as less chemistry, less water, less disposal and less maintenance, into account we have experienced a cost reduction between 20% and 25% using Agfa’s chem-free plates,” said Paul Huybrechts, managing director for Coldset Printing Partners, Belgium. “Without exception, we are extremely pleased with the cleanliness of the system. We spend less time cleaning the system than before, allowing us to be even more efficient in our plate production.”

At IFRA 2010, the :N92-VCF plates will be demonstrated with the new COU at the Agfa stand 3.220/3.120, hall 3. The COU is currently available.

“Newspapers are always looking to push back their production times as late as possible to get the latest news into print. Faster production times with less waste help extend those deadlines without creating extra stress in the pressroom,” said Marc Op de Beeck, senior vice president marketing and sales for Agfa Graphics. “:N92-VCF chem-free violet plates have tremendous advantages over conventional photopolymer technology. There’s no developer, no need for water connection and the pre- and post-wash are now obsolete.”