The Italian packaging brands of the Romaco Group are the focus of Pharmintech 2010 in Bologna. The packaging specialist will present the continuous and intermittent motion cartoners by Promatic. The Unipac U 2060 tube filler and the Macofar VF 24 aseptic filling machine serve the primary packaging of pourable products and pharmaceutical liquids.

The PC 4000 and P 91 horizontal motion cartoners of the Italian Romaco brand Promatic stand out due to their ergonomic construction and their consistent balcony design. The unique machine concept of the Promatic cartoners enables absolutely secure processes in the packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in foldable boxes. Because of its light-weight construction, the anterior machine area does not require additional supports. All chains and mechanical drives were replaced by plastic-coated toothed belts with mounted retention fingers. By using the Venturi system instead of vacuum pumps, the noise pollution for the operators is decisively reduced.

The continuous motion cartoners of the Promatic PC 4000 series achieve a maximum output of up to 420 foldable cartons per minute. Numerous servo systems assure smooth and accurate processing. Thus the cartons to be filled are opened with an active movement, before the product is inserted. With a packaging speed of up to 140 foldable cartons per minute, the intermittent motion cartoners in the Promatic P 91S series nearly reach the performance level of continually functioning machines. The Promatic cartoners are easy to operate; format and packaging changes can be performed by responsible shift personnel. The completely automatic packaging processes are reliably controlled and monitored with the control panel.

Filling of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The compact Unipac U 2060 tube filling machine, with a surface area of less than one-and-a-half square meters, is equipped with eight stations. Depending on the viscosity and density of the product, a maximum output of up to 70 tubes per minute can be achieved. The unit is able to process aluminum or plastic tubes in sizes from 60mm to 270mm. After filling, the tubes are crimped or sealed in several subsequent stations. A special system assures the exact alignment of the tubes in the transportation stations, thereby providing correct positioning of the graphic design during sealing. This fully automatic alignment occurs from below, so that no rotating machine components come into contact with the open tube ends. In this way, the Unipac U 2060 assures absolutely secure processes in the filling of pharmaceuticals.

The conception of the Romaco Macofar VF 24 aseptic liquid filling machine also focuses on product safety. The unique slim design of the unit for filling pharmaceutical liquids into vials offers the greatest possible protection from undesired particle formation. The horizontal distance between the input tubes and the front side of the machine is less than 600mm. Turbulences around the open vials are therefore reduced to a minimum. The Macofar VF 24 fulfills all of the guidelines of ‘good manufacturing practices’ (GMP) for sterile filling processes in clean room ‘grade A.’ The unit processes biopharmaceuticals as well as freeze dried products at a maximum output of 24,000 vials per hour.

These products can be seen from 12 to 14 May 2010, at Pharmintech in Bologna, Pavilion 22, Booth A3.