At this year’s FCE Pharma in São Paulo, Brazil, the Romaco Group presents innovative technologies for the manufacture, processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The blister packaging machine Noack N 921 is the focal point of this year’s presentation by the Romaco Group at FCE Pharma in São Paulo, Brazil. The fully automatic unit, less than four meters in length, utilises the latest servo technology. This results in precise and reliable processes, as well as the highest quality.

The continuous motion Promatic PC 4000 cartoner distinguishes itself through its consistent balcony construction. The ergonomic machine design enables rapid change of product and packaging. In line with the Noack N 921, the unit achieves a maximum output of 400 cartons per minute.

The tablet and capsule counting machine Bosspak RTC 15 offers the highest counting accuracy in filling pharmaceuticals into bottles. The optical matrix counting system quad-count detects the applications from all sides. Defective products are identified and sorted out.

The FrymaKoruma MaxxD Lab vacuum processing unit serves the production of liquid and semi-solid emulsions and suspensions on a laboratory scale. The absolute reproducibility of the process parameters is suitable for the implementation of scale-up procedures for pharmaceutical applications.

The products can be seen from 25 to 27 May 2010 at FCE Pharma in the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil, booth 730.