tna’s new 528δst multi-head scale (twin scale) is a radical departure from standard twin scales in both speed and accuracy. The design of the scale utilizes the figure eight shape more effectively, providing superior results.

The advanced design is based on equalizing the distance from every load cell, ensuring each weighed product travels uniformly and consistently to the bagger during product transfer at speeds of up to 300BPM (i.e. 150BPM per side). Product string-out is minimized and the results delivered are comparable to those achieved with two conventional high-speed single drop scales, but with a smaller footprint, at a lower cost. Two different bag types can also be simultaneously produced by the system, a mix of pillow pack, block bottom and quattro bags.

Conventional twin scales use irregular chute lengths to compensate for the shape of the system, but tna has eliminated this need with the tna 528δst multi-head scale through symmetrically placing the buckets around the discharge point; this ensures high speeds and low reject rates, as every load of product travels the same distance to the bag.

Choosing a tna 528δst multi-head scale system can also reduce platform costs. The platform on a twin tna system is only needed for maintenance and cleaning, not to support the scale. This means a less structurally rigid and less expensive platform can be used because the system does not need to be isolated from the distribution platform.

The new tna 528δst multi-head scale can be integrated with the robag® 3 ttx rotary double jaw (RDJ) form, fill and seal machine, one of the fastest VFFS baggers on the market, to produce two different bag sizes and shapes simultaneously including pillow pack, block and quarto bottom bags.

Constructed for easy maintenance and service access, the scale uses integrated electronics and hardware, a hallmark of tna equipment, to further enhance the simplicity of operation. The system integrates seamlessly upstream or downstream with other packaging equipment, including tna’s gateless, reversible transfer and distribution system, the roflo® 3, and other ancillary equipment.