Koppers treatment facility in Picton, Western Australia, were one of the early adopters of the HandiTagger system for identifying and branding their treated timber product.

As part of her daily tasks, Sam Watts is responsible for the ticketing of every piece of treated timber.

It is estimated that over the six years that Sam has been doing this, she has tagged over 17 million pieces. Sam is enthusiastic about the performance of the equipment. To keep the equipment in good working order and to make her job efficient, Sam insists on the regular routine of lubrication and service to maintain top performance.

Good going Sam – if this was an Olympic event involving skill and endurance, we are sure you would be on the winner’s podium!

Saito HandiTags provide timber tagging systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. As Sean Grant, the Australian manager, says: “Sam has proven the system works year after year”.

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