The iCon® is the first intelligent container for hazardous goods – the start of a new generation of containers!

Its unique ConTracer® System enables flexible wireless remote monitoring. Its safety properties will set new standards: whether it be the ergonomically reachable lid housing an integrated vacuum vent, or easily quick replaceable Pit-Stop pallet or the extra spill containment around the outlet, and -last but not least – its vast economic advantage.

But first things first: The web based information system ConTracer® enables the container owner via the internet to track their containers and their contents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Con Tracer® system will give information about the containers location, the level of the contents and the type of contents. Moreover it stores information about the customer such as maintenance and inspection, day of delivery, number of trips made. These dates are updated and saved continuously so they can always be consulted at a later stage.

Through the ConTracer® is will be possible to plan and execute next deliveries pro-actively without actual involvement of the end user. This forward planning enables an optimal scheduling of deliveries and thus increasing efficiency as well as preventing costly down times of the users production or late panic calls for urgent supply.

The iCon® has been specially developed to be an environment friendly, efficient and durable multi-trip IBC for use with hazardous liquids with a capacity of 1,000 litres. The pallet is produced from recycled material and the container can be returned after its useful life for recycling.

It has been fully tested and approved under the UN regulations for the transport of hazardous materials. In addition it has been tested and passed the severe American requirements for vibration.

Besides the official test requirements, extensive field tests have demonstrated that the iCon will withstand the rigours of every day use and can be used for the 5 years life time described in the UN regulations – this can be extended for periods of 5 years.

Ease of use and safe handling were central to the design process; the integrated spill containment surrounding the inner container and the additional spill function around outlet area plus the sandwich construction of the walls of the outer container multiply the safety aspect of the container.

The cover of the container has a sloping shape to ensure easy access to the spacious 300mm lid which is located to the front. The cover design will ensure rain water and dirt does not settle on the top of the container. In addition the lid has been fitted with integrated venting facilities ensuring fast emptying while preventing hazardous fumes from escaping through an opened lid. Therefore the lid can be sealed to the cover which will show tamper evidence and reduce the chance that the container is filled with waste before returning.

The easy of maintenance of the iCon® is reflected in the robust though replaceable Pit-Stop Pallet. The sturdy pallet is made of recycled material and designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use; as the rigid rounded design of the skids demonstrates. If necessary though, the pallet can be easily and quickly replaced without being out of service.

The development of the iCon® has been undertaken in close co-operation with existing and future customers. Because of its sophisticated nature, the high level of safety properties and efficiency in use the iCon will without doubt prove to be a sensible and solid investment.

The iCon has been nominated for the Dutch Packaging Award. Out of 44 packs entered to the contest, twelve have been nominated. The Dutch Packaging Award “De gouden noot” is an initiative of the Dutch Packaging Confederation. The winner will be announced at the thirds National Packaging Innovation Dinner which will be held on the evening of October 5th during the Macropak exhibition in Utrecht / Netherlands.

The iCon and ConTracer will be shown at the industrial Processing exhibition in Utrecht/Netherlands and Process Technology Exhibition in Gothenburg/Sweden which both will take place from October 5th till October 8th 2004.