Finepack Ind. Técnica de Embalagens was established in 1992 by Mr Edmur Batista do Carmo and became a pioneer in the outsourced flexo printing sector in Brazil. The company introduced a new service in eight-colour flexo printing together with solvent-based and solventless lamination for a wide range of flexible packaging materials, including PE, PP, PET, PVC paper and aluminium foil.

Finepack was also one of the first companies in Brazil to invest in gearless printing technology. The company has always sought to invest in the best technologies available worldwide for the production of high-quality flexible packaging materials for its high-profile customers, which include J&J, Papel Chamex (IP) and Aurora.

“Because of this, we decided in 2006 to purchase a Titan SR8 slitter rewinder, with 600m/min maximum speed and 800mm rewind reel diameter. It was a very interesting process that confirmed the complexity of the universe of packaging, providing solutions for the most varied requirements: lot sizes, slit widths, high precision changeover systems and tools of great operational value,” explained Mr Edmur Batista do Carmo, the owner of Finepack.

“Once installed, the SR8 machine surprised us with its accuracy, efficiency, reliability, low maintenance and final product quality, meeting the most demanding Finepack customer specifications. During this time, any technical support provided by Bobst Group was also satisfactory, increasing the reliability in our product and in the group,” Mr Batista confirmed.

In 2009, while the world talked about recession, with hard work and creativity, Finepack increased its sales and production capacity. “We saw that the purchase of a new slitter rewinder would be needed and the Titan ER610 was presented as the ideal solution, since the product profile to be converted fitted perfectly on that machine. We are confident that the ER610 will contribute to the growth of Finepack, thus generating, as its older sister, the SR8, quality products that allow us to delight our customers,” Mr Batista concluded.

Finepack’s 5,500m² prestigious production facility is located in an industrial zone of Itupeva, approximately 50km north of São Paulo. The 1,650mm wide Titan ER610 was installed during August and included the optional features of laser core positioning and a minimum slit width of 35mm. The machine also has the same differential rewind shafts as the existing SR8 slitter for interchangeability.