VC999 Packaging Systems is pleased to present a new robotic packaging system. The new Perbetum Q180 utilises the Adept Quattro to create the industry’s fastest, USDA-approved packaging system. Its unique four-arm design features a flexible rotational platform which enables maximum speeds of up to 180 picks per minute.

The design allows for exceptional performance across a 1,300mm work envelope (circle) with a 6kg payload. In addition, the Perbetum Q180 is the only packaging industry robot to have embedded controls. The application design of the new system integrates a solid, stainless steel structure, which is built to minimise vibration at top speeds. A large, multilingual control screen allows for easy operation and programming.

The visual automation of the Perbetum Q180 uses a Windows XP embedded operating system. This technology allows for pick-and-place from a moving conveyor system including case picking, line balancing, sorting and collating. The system can also support multiple vision conveyor systems.

Perbetum is a global leader in the design and integration of robotic technologies for the packaging industry. Perbetum works its with sister company, VC999 Packaging Systems, to combine machine engineering and design expertise with robotic technology expertise. Perbetum’s systems are designed utilising our proprietary SMART Automation process.