CPS Case Packing Systems will show on their stand F128a the new CL64 Crateloader for packing of potatoes, vegetables and fruit in crates, trays, or cardboard boxes. The CL64 crate / tray loading system is especially suitable for pre-packed products in bags.

The CL64 is designed with a cassette, where in menu controlled several products layers can be loaded. After moving down and arrival at the deposit position, the bag formation will be laid down without falling height. The loading can be managed in different packing patterns depending of product and bag measurements to get a perfect filling degree and presentation.

The unit’s capacity is up to 120 bags a minute when handling four bags in a row. The unit fits perfectly in various line configurations with one or more bag makers of different make. The machine is made from stainless steel and aluminium, with all settings controlled through a TFT touch screen interface in colour and an integrated PC with modem for online communication.


CPS have developed a new CL 64/86 crate and container loader for packing potatoes, vegetables and fruit in even crates, rollcontainers, palletboxes at half euro pallet 800mm x 600mm (Düsseldorfer) and pallet box in one machine.

One can by means of menu chooses with the touch screen run small series on demand that increase the flexibility and cut costs. The CL 64/86 can be extended with several options like check weighing with retracts systems and crate and container handlings systems.