Magical Harry Potter seems to appear everywhere; in different countries and in different situations – here in good company with LEGO-toys in an Easter egg from Iceland.

Chocolate sensitive for taint and odour

The box has an open window, which puts high demands on the strength of the board material. “We chose Frövi because we consider it to be very cost efficient board, as we can use a low grammage because of its strength, but the most important criteria for us is the well-known taint- and odour neutrality of the material”, says Mr Runar Ingibjartsson, R&D Manager at the chocolate producer Nói-Sirius hf. “We have a very good experience of Frövi board and have never had any problems with the material. Chocolate can benefit from mixing with other tastes like chocolate/marzipan and chocolate/liqueur but board flavoured chocolate is never a success”…

Production of the Harry Potter box started last year as a “trial year” and Nói-Síríus is quite optimistic for this year’s offering. “Packaging impact is crucial for sales and we are constantly developing their products through packaging”, says Árni Bjorn Skaptason at the converter Prentmet ehf. “In this case, as in so many others, Frövi board simply provided the best solution”.

Icelanders like chocolate

Iceland is said to be the leading chocolate eating nation in Europe. The country has only 290,000 inhabitants and Nói-Sirius, one of three chocolate makers, produces 300,000 Easter eggs for the home market every year. Easter eggs represent 15% of their total production, while Christmas promotional packs represent 25%. The major part of their production is sold in Iceland.

  • Producer: Nói-Sirius hf, Iceland
  • Converter: Prentmet ehf, Iceland
  • Form designer: María Manda / Magnús Már
  • Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden
  • Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 290gsm