Yonwoo’s new oval packs enable brand owners to get really creative. These original packs come in airless tubes or dip-tube bottles and are ideal for cosmetic ranges that require a feminine look and feel. This elegant shape offers a larger print view area and, in the case of the tubes, sits flat for easy storage in handbags or purses.

The oval airless tube is made of PE, with a 35mm diameter, and is available with one, three or five layers. It has a powerful check valve (CV) pump to prevent loss of pressure and comes with a matching PETG overcap. The curved actuator is specifically designed to allow consumers to dispense the correct amount each time, with an accuracy of +/- 0.03ml per stroke.

Airless technology protects the integrity of the formula, making it perfect for organic products or high-value cosmetics. Multiple decoration options (silk screening, hot stamping and offset printing) allow creative teams to make the most of the distinctive shape of the pack. Moreover, front and back decoration can be done in a single pass, cutting down on production costs.

The oval dip-tube bottle has the same pump, actuator and cap as the airless tube, but with a non-airless dip-tube CV snap-on pump. Available in capacities of 30ml and 50ml, the PETG bottle can also be silk screened and hot stamped.

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