A CD case designed to give everyone who sees it a natural urge to pick it up!

AssiDomän Frövi developed precisely that as PR material meant to concretely demonstrate new possibilities and the true meaning of ‘packaging impact’.

The strength of AssiDomän Frövi’s cartonboard is famous. And so are the blues classics the company recently sent out on a CD to customers and contacts around Europe.

AssiDomän Frövi has given these strong and famous blues classics a new and modern setting in the form of a specially designed CD case. The purpose: to demonstrate the marketing and sales potential inherent in a creative package.

To make the CD case, AssiDomän Frövi took advantage of the strength of its cartonboard – its long, unbroken fibres build the conditions for a line of circular holes in the outer, silver-coloured case, where all the holes have sharp, clean edges.

The CD also shows how exceptionally well FRÖVI BRIGHT is suited to embossing – one side of the inner sleeve features an embossed snake skin, with an embossed speaker membrane on the other.

And what was the reaction? Just like Aretha Franklin belts out in one of the soul tunes on the disc – ‘Respect’!