The Romaco Group will show some of the highlights in its processing and packaging lines at the forthcoming PACK EXPO 2010 in Chicago. Romaco’s FrymaKoruma vacuum processing units and Unipac tube filling systems are used to process liquid and semi-solid forms for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

The new FrymaKoruma Frymix II vacuum processing unit further extends Romaco’s impressive portfolio of sterile manufacturing solutions. This latest incarnation of the proven Frymix technology is designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for high-quality suspensions and emulsions. It is an innovative process tool based on two conical rotors that shear the ingredients with a very high energy input. A funnel-shaped guide cone guarantees high turbulence inside the vessel as well as optimal product deaeration thanks to the thin-film principle. The efficient heat exchange during the individual heating and cooling phases is achieved by circulating the product internally.

All external piping has been eliminated, which means the system complies with the manifold requirements of sterile production processes. For the first time, all machine drives are integrated in the vessel lid, so that there is no contact between the sealing systems and the product flow. With its modular design and wide range of options, Frymix II can be individually adapted to each customer’s application.

The Romaco Unipac U 2060 automatic tube filler has an enclosed design that meets ergonomic requirements. With its compact structure and a footprint of less than 1.5m², the unit is easy to access and extremely versatile. Equipped with eight stations, the technology is ideal for filling semi-solids such as ointments, creams, gels and pastes on behalf of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

The products are filled into aluminium, laminate or polyethylene tubes, which are closed either mechanically by means of a series of folds or in a heat sealing or hot air process. The system offers numerous configuration options for processing different product types and tube designs. This robust machine has a maximum output of 60 tubes per minute and is intended for small-to-medium sized batches. The fastest Unipac tube filler models are capable of packing as many as 100 tubes a minute.

When installed in line, the Frymix II vacuum processing unit and the Unipac U 2060 tube filler represent an extremely efficient solution for producing and filling high-quality pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Both technologies deliver excellent value for money. The exhibits at the Romaco booth will also include a toothed colloid mill in the FrymaKoruma MZ series. This wet grinding machine is predestined for pourable products, which it mills according to the rotor-stator principle. Compatible systems and a reliable size parts service are the cornerstones of flexible production processes.

The products will be on show at PACK EXPO in Chicago, US, at booth 4071 (Upper North Hall) from 31 October to 3 November 2010.