At this year’s Emballage in Paris, France, Romaco Group, a leading packaging specialist, will showcase its ergonomic packaging solution, the Promatic PC 4000 continuous horizontal cartoner as well as the Unipac U 2060 automatic tube-filler and the Siebler HM 1 heatsealing machine.

Promatic PC 4000: ergonomics as a guiding principle

The Promatic PC 4000 continuous horizontal cartoner was designed strictly according to ergonomic standards by Romaco. The throughout implemented balcony structure assures good access to all machine parts and prevents the packaging components from being inadvertently dislodged inside the cartoner. Thanks to the use of plastic-coated toothed belts, all chains and mechanical gears have been eliminated. The special lightweight construction of the front machine body facilitates amazingly secure, quiet and clean processes when it comes to secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Venturi systems take the place of conventional vacuum pumps for handling folding cartons and feeding leaflets. This leads to a significant reduction in noise pollution, which is greatly appreciated by operating personnel. Moreover, four low-vibration servo motors provide an unusual degree of flexibility and quality: the folding cartons, for example, are picked up by suction cups and opened in an active movement. This concept results in much lower mechanical loads on the packaging. Promatic PC 4000 boasts a maximum output of 400 packs/min. Any product or format changes are carried out directly by the responsible shift operator.

Unipac U 2060: custom filling

The Romaco Unipac U 2060 automatic tube filler has an enclosed design that meets ergonomic requirements. With its compact structure and a footprint of less than 1.5m², the unit is easy to access and extremely versatile. Equipped with eight stations, the technology is ideal for filling semi-solids such as ointments, creams, gels and pastes on behalf of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

The products are filled into aluminium, laminate or polyethylene tubes, which are closed either mechanically by means of a series of folds or in a heat-sealing or hot air process. The system offers numerous configuration options for processing different product types and tube designs. This robust machine has a maximum output of sixty tubes per minute and is intended for small-tomedium sized batches. The fastest Unipac tube-filler models are capable of packing as many as a hundred tubes a minute.

Siebler HM 1: precise timing

The Romaco Siebler HM 1 vertical heat-sealing machine processes pharmaceutical solids such as tablets (including effervescent types) and capsules. Up to 5,000 applications/min are sealed in air, light and moisture-tight strip packaging. The width of the packaging foil can be varied up to a maximum of 750mm. The products pass through the heatsealing process in up to 16 parallel lanes. The strips are then perforated, cut to size and stacked. All process parameters, such as sealing pressure, time and temperature, are individually adjustable and absolutely reproducible. High precision and high packaging speeds are the hallmarks of the HM 1 heatsealing machine.

The products will be on show at the Emballage 2010 in Paris, France on 22-25 November, hall 5a, booth #H028.