Our new life style fuels the demand for new products to be introduced on the market.

It started with Tex Mex and now interest is focused on Asian food. More travelling, with influences from other cuisines combined with the gourmet trend, the urge to experiment and time pressure, encourages food producers to give us a helping hand. It is all about convenience.

It has to be quick – in the supermarket and in the kitchen. This kit contains all the necessary spices and ingredients. All you have to buy separately is the meat or chicken. Once in the kitchen the cooking is done in no time. Without too much effort you can then enjoy the food, perhaps when entertaining guests, and remind yourself about a trip you have done or are planning to do. Maybe you simply want to try something new.

Packaging Impact

The producer, Rieber & Søn, uses agressive marketing and invests a lot on commercial advertising. They put a lot of emphasis on the package. This one, developed by Å&R Carton in cooperation with Rieber & Søn, was recently awarded a design prize. Both colours and shape are eye-catching on the shelf. Real packaging impact, where they have used available surveys and studies how to attract the consumer at “the moment of truth”, when he/she decides which product to buy. They say that from a distance of ten meters you catch the eye with colour while from four meters you are more influenced by the shape of the pack. If you belong to the right target group the probability is that you want to buy.

Frövi for strength and print result

“This is a premium product with high demands on the cartonboard material”, says Mrs Jette Hansen, Purchasing Manager at Å&R Carton in Norway. The design with an integrated handle and the irregular shape needs a strong board material. At the same time as the shape gives a strong impact it weakens the stackability. FRÖVI LIGHT, with its well-known high strength properties, was therefore an obvious choice. The material also satisfies our high demands regarding print result”, Mrs Hansen concludes. The brand-name of the product range is Toro in Norway and Mrs Cheng’s in Sweden.

  • Producer: Rieber & Søn ASA, Norway
  • Brand: Toro (Norway) and Mrs Cheng’s (Sweden)
  • Converter: Å&R Carton AS, Norway
  • Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi
  • Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 330gsm