Frövi’s co-operation with students results in new concepts in packaging design. Fresh ideas are like an injection of inspiration to the traditional packaging world.

Since 1964 the Institute of Packaging in the UK has arranged Student Starpack Awards. The institution has become a link between the packaging industry and young future designers. There are different categories and this year Marks & Spencer and AssiDomän Frövi joined together to design a brief for Christmas 2005 aimed at the confectionery market. The entry should be innovative, appealing, and novel and capture the imagination of children in the age range 5 to 12 years.

Two Gold Stars were awarded. “These packs demonstrate both innovation in carton technology and the versatility of Frövi board. The entrants offer a point of difference for Marks & Spencer and provide excellent starting points for all-round product development for both sponsors”, says Ms Sally Bowden at Marks & Spencer.

A trip to Sweden for the winners

“Cartonboard is an inspirational material with lots of possibilities. You can “fiddle around” and instantly try your ideas before you decide the final design. I’m impressed by the strength of Frövi board and the possibilities it opens for creative design”, says Hannah Cox, one of the winners, who is looking forward to the prize, a trip to Frövi.

Showcase of young peoples packaging design

On the question What is the driving force for organizing competitions like this, Mr Gordon Stewart at the Institute of Packaging says: “There are three aims; We are trying to drive the quality of graduates’ packaging skills, knowledge and creativity at the same time as we are providing industry a showcase of young peoples packaging talent. Last but not least we want to bring packaging as a career to talented young people.”