KLOCKE Verpackungs-Service, a German contract packaging company, has placed its faith in blister solutions from Romaco Noack. This innovative technology guarantees short retooling times when frequent product changeovers are daily routine.

Romaco Noack is a world market leader among producers of blister technology for the contract packaging sector. In this particular branch of the service industry, incoming orders have to be processed promptly and efficiently. In order to meet the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, contract packaging companies must be able to rely absolutely on their machine equipment. The high degree of segmentation in the international markets has led to a growing demand for ever smaller batch sizes. The smaller the batch, the more often the product needs to be changed. Flexible machine concepts that combine versatile use with fast retooling are an advantage here.

KLOCKE opts for Noack blister technology

“We have trusted in the high-quality of Romaco Noack blister lines for a number of years now,” explains Christian Reitze, production technology manager at KLOCKE. “The machines are reliable, efficient and easy to operate. Thanks to the Noack technology, we have managed to reduce the downtime during product changes to a minimum. The systems are remarkably flexible and can be adapted to changing production conditions in no time at all.”

For a contract packaging company, where the ability to plan at short notice is paramount, this flexibility is a crucial factor in day-to-day business. 17 Romaco Noack blister lines are currently in action at KLOCKE.

Innovative system design speeds up product changeovers
Romaco Noack has been making blister technology for frequent product changeovers for more than forty years now. The aim is to provide optimal conditions for short retooling times. High system availability with excellent
overall equipment efficiency (OEE) values is the outcome of intensive R&D work lasting many years. Downtimes can be significantly reduced by integrating servo technology and robotic systems.

Up to 15 servo motors are installed on the Noack blister lines. The modular machine design is reflected in extensive part and software compatibility. Formats can be utilised flexibly, while process parameters only need to be defined once and can subsequently be read in or called up across any number of production lines.

No tools are required to fit the new parts during format changeovers. At the same time, the ergonomic design of the Noack blister lines makes it easier for the operator to clean and set up the systems. New size parts can be procured
within four to six weeks. In short, Romaco has successfully accommodated its technology to the working patterns of the contract packaging sector.