Award-winning, commercial printer Mart Spruijt located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Staempfli Group publication printer located in Bern, Switzerland, have reported the results of using :Apogee InkSave for over six months.

Marco Kokkelkoren, head of pre-press at Markt Spruijt, said that what he likes most about :Apogee InkSave is that it does not change the content of the PDF. This eliminates mistakes and time loss to figure out which component caused an error. “Our press operators love InkSave. It does especially well with press repurposing. We do a lot of short runs so the time between printing and finishing is critical. With InkSave we have faster make ready, greater stability on press and a thinner ink layer, which means faster drying and faster changeover. We get amazing results on uncoated paper. That’s important because quality is most important to us,” he said.

Commercial printer Mart Spruijt serves clients from art and culture, financial services, business and government as well as publishing, advertising and design.

Uwe Notter, head of production data management at Staempfli, concurs with Markt Spruijt’s Kokkelkoren: “:Apogee InkSave improves press stability. Even more importantly, it improves reproducibility. This is key because we do a great number of reprints,” he said. “Reprinted jobs have the same colorimetric reading with the same ease of use on press. We see improved press stability, no excessive ink loads and as a result, faster drying and a faster production turn-around.”

The Staempfli Group publishes and produces a wide variety of printed and electronic books and publications with facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Poland.