Agfa has announced that Cestrian Imaging, one of the UK’s leading digital print suppliers, has purchased its second :M-Press Tiger. This comes right after a recent quality upgrade of the first system at Cestrian to full greyscale printing and a high demand from customers to deliver ‘digital’ screen print and offset quality.

“Our positive experience with the first installation of :M-Press Tiger has fuelled the digital revolution already started at Cestrian Imaging, and has significantly impacted upon the market for traditional screen print and litho applications,” said Phill Reynolds, joint managing director at Cestrian. “Our customers don’t just ask for print any longer, they now request the :M-Press print when they seek our advice in creating their successful visual marketing campaigns.”

Cestrian installed the first :M-Press Tiger in December 2009. The demand for Tiger prints has increased significantly since the system was upgraded to the latest level of technology using full greyscale in every print mode.

“We know Cestrian staff visited many exhibitions and benchmarked leading industry suppliers before they reached their decision,” said Bill Kippax of Thieme KPX who represents Agfa Graphics for :M-Press in the UK. “They knew what :M-Press can handle and what it is capable of. It is a true digital alternative for traditional screen printing and litho printing. It is fast and versatile, and delivers high-quality prints at an exceptionally low cost per print. Agfa have demonstrated with the introduction of the greyscale printing mode that the modular design allows a continuous programme of improvement that future-proofs the capital investment.”

Developed jointly with Thieme, Agfa’s :M-Press Tiger combines the printing expertise of both companies: screen printing and media handling from Thieme, and digital inkjet printing from Agfa. The :M-Press Tiger can print up to 700m²/hr, including loading and unloading, with no make ready, films or screens. It can handle substrates up to 10mm thick, and features a colour gamut better than ISOcoated V2, the offset gamut. It is now also enabled with variable data printing.