Following a rigorous examination of operating methods, in 2009 Saito Group embarked on a path of consolidation of its manufacturing facilities into two sites. This consolidation process enhances the capability of the two sites and eliminates needless duplication.

The Brisbane, Australia, site has been expanded as has the site in Tawari Street, Mt. Eden, Auckland.

“We have been very successful in recent times, winning work as a result of our investment four years ago in advanced label manufacturing capability and our NZ-based ongoing R&D effort. In today’s market, as clients look to reduce costs and introduce more eco friendly product, our investment is proving timely,” comments Gavin Hodder, founding director of Saito Group.

The consolidation process was completed by mid year, as expected. The end result will be even quicker response times enabling clients to continue with a supply chain supplier that responds to their individual requirements.
To grow our business footprint in South East Asia we have committed to a manufacturing JV in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This will be focused on the Asian market and build on our existing base of clients in Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Saito Group is an Australasian-owned label and tag manufacturing entity that has as its guiding philosophy the supply of labels and tags that work every place, every day, for everyone. Products include hand labellers, barcode and RFID labels, and the range of HandiTags branded products.