Agfa Graphics today announced the :Antura AFS1 fount solution for alcohol-free printing and the :Antura CtP plate cleaner with low VOC and solvent content. The :Antura products are a direct result of Agfa’s unique collaborative process between its plate development team and pressroom chemists.

Agfa is the only manufacturer that develops fount solution and plates in the same laboratory, maximising the effectiveness of the products’ interaction. The result is a product combination that provides trouble-free press operations while delivering safe, high-quality printing.

“The printing process is a combination of different mechanical and chemical processes – ink, water, fountain solution, rubber, metal, photopolymer, etc. Pressroom chemicals are essential to control these processes in order to deliver an efficient, high-quality press run,” said Marc Op de Beeck, senior vice president, marketing and sales, Agfa Graphics. “Agfa pressroom chemicals such as the :Antura fount solution and cleaner are part of Agfa’s ongoing effort to enhance press operation with the lowest possible impact on the environment and on press operators.”

Agfa Graphics’ portfolio of pressroom chemicals includes:

  • Powerful plate cleaners and washout gums
  • Fogra-approved fountain solutions for sheetfed, coldset and heatset presses to optimise the production while working with Agfa’s plates for conventional printing, IPA-reduced printing and IPA-free printing
  • Fogra-approved roller and blanket washes for low press maintenance and less frequent press stops
  • Specialities to solve specific on-press problems
  • Storage gums and baking gums for all plates
  • Plate correction material for all plates

Agfa pressroom chemicals increase on-press efficiency with both Agfa and non-Agfa plates and are designed for commercial and newspaper printing.