The ODIN On Time module has been innovatively designed in consultation with major brands and retailers to reduce the common delays involved in the design-to-print process by giving the brand owner total control of the entire workflow and execution – making it proven and fit for purpose by balancing functionality with usability.

On Time is delivered with standard template sets covering recognised ‘best practice’ new product development (NPD), that can be used both with or without amendment or more typically to form the basis for configured NPD process definitions. To enable this, ODIN On Time provides a simple to use tool-set that allows authorised personnel to create new activities, amend existing activities, and re-organise processes. The standard and amended templates form a library that a project manager can then use to develop anything – from a complex new range through to a small packaging amendment or to a single product.

Business benefits

Once a project is set up and released ODIN On Time takes control of the launch process, proactively driving the required activities in the planned time frame. It offers capabilities that include:

  • Communicating the planned activities to all stakeholders
  • Providing a simple to follow workplace via a bespoke configurable and ‘widget driven’ home page for all users
  • Giving all stakeholders the ability to track the process
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks or resource issues
  • Reporting actual against planned times for activities
  • Reporting on overdue activities for expediting

The ON Time solution module runs either stand-alone or integrated with the other elements of the ODIN suite. The solution includes the following sub modules.

ODIN On Time sub modules

  • Project Strategy Brief: this functionality allows users to have a unique stand-alone section of ODIN to capture strategic rationale and have a pre-determined sign-off route prior to the execution of the programme in the first place
  • Administration and Template Maintenance: this supports the client’s template processes, which enables the template manager to create and amend workflows, set RACI assumptions (responsible, accountable, consulted and informed) levels of notification, set gates, sequence activities and plan lags and contingencies according to known capabilities
  • Push Project Management: this provides the capability to effectively manage the current schedules of launches of NPD and assists all stakeholders in communication and the visibility of the plan and their role in making it work
  • ODIN Fusion: this functionality allows all other systems involved in the implementation phase to communicate effectively, therefore allowing information from elsewhere to be up-to-date without the need for the user to duplicate confirmation of activities
  • Packaging Manager: Packing Manager metrics and reporting forms the foundation in delivering savings in cost and time. Your Packaging Partner, a complimentary business brand, can be a great entry point tracking system
  • Project Assessor and Chaser: this allows a suite of best practice reports to be generated to allow the measurement of improvement

Bringing ODIN On Time to life

ODIN counts ASDA, Twinings, Danone, Ryvita, Heinz and Kraft amongst its clients, who have all benefited from:

  • Increased speed to market
  • Control entire resource planning and activity
  • Manage entire brand launch process end to end
  • Collated information on packaging for cost-saving initiatives
  • Visibility of any bottlenecks throughout the process
  • Greater control and visibility of all projects
  • Proven ROI with retailers and brands

ASDA has worked alongside SBT’s ODIN application since its inception in 2001. ODIN started life by replacing the outdated and inefficient paper-based artwork sign off. Following excellent success in helping dramatically reduce lead times and increased transparency in this part of the new product development cycle, ASDA adopted ODIN ON Time to control and manage the entire process from project strategy to print. ODIN On Time has continued to deliver for ASDA and the results demonstrate the success of the partnership between SBT and ASDA with over 8,000 SKUs per annum in both food and general merchandise managed within the application.

Twinings has also reaped the benefits of the implementation of ODIN On Time, which has been instrumental in moving the NPD process further along, with the Project Strategy Brief (PSB) now controlling the entire NPD launch programme. This offers the additional benefits of placing the strategic rationale for launch in the hands of all stakeholders, allows better data capture, validation of data and a significant reduction in timescales.