Nordzucker in Germany made considerable savings when switching from FBB to FRÖVI BRIGHT for their powder sugar. The most substantial cost saving came from eliminating the transport packaging and they now load caseless with the packs loaded on trays directly on the pallet.

“We made savings – and got a better performance”

The savings were achieved step by step. The first step was to replace the former bag-in box system to the patented Chrystal Air Box system with just a little strip of paper used for sealing at the top and bottom.

The next step was to change material to FRÖVI BRIGHT, and having done so it was possible to eliminate the previous PE-coating thanks to the moisture resistance and taint- and odour neutrality properties of the Frövi board. “We saved appr. 10% on these changes and still got a better performance regarding stability and whiteness of the reverse”, says Mr Holger Bensemann, Purchasing Manager at Nordzucker. But this was only the beginning.

Caseless for further cost reductions – and efficient logistics

Another reason for changing board was that the demand from the retail side to develop a packaging solution without additional fully closed transport packs. This, however, puts very high demands on the packaging board, especially on its compression strength. With the help of the computer program OPTIPACK the decision was made to use FRÖVI BRIGHT 270 gsm (earlier FBB 255 + 13 gsm PE).

Today the packs are loaded only into tray bottoms, without additional tray tops, and are directly stacked on top of eachother. The economical effect of this change is a secret but even someone with the most limited imagination can understand that these savings were significant.

After sale service and image support

The powder sugar is a premium product and the pack conveys this message. Besides the opening spout it also has integrated templates, offering a professional result for decoration of cakes. “For us the packaging is an “after sales service” both when it comes to distribution and marketing. Our competence is to produce sugar, but for the final product that is displayed in the shop, we are totally dependent on our converter and cartonboard producer and their long experience of packaging”, says Dr. Thomas Mörle-Heynisch, Technical and Production Manager. “This business shows how the close partnership between the converter Å&R, Frövi and us made it possible to achieve improvements in performance, efficiency and cost savings.”

Producer: Nordzucker AG, Werk Uelzen, GermanyConverter: ÅR Carton, Werk Bremen, Germany

Cartonboard Producer: AssiDomän Frövi, SwedenSubstance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 270 gsm