The new VC999 TS1500 is a compact, efficient and fully automated tray sealing machine for medium to large scale production. With this machine you can realise countless individual packaging solutions.

The machine concept of the VC999 TS1500 features multiple lanes. On three lanes (optional four lanes) pre-made trays of all kind of shapes are sealed simultaneously with a top film. The VC999 TS1500 offers the operation modes seal only, vacuum gas (MAP) or gas flush.

The machine achieves a production capacity of six to ten cycles per minute for vacuum gas / gas flush and of ten to 13 cycles for seal only. Packages can be produced with outside or inside cut.

The design of the new VC999 TS1500 is based on the latest sanitary standards. The machine is fully made of stainless materials which ensure a quick and easy cleaning. Thanks to angled surfaces the water can drain off after the cleaning.

The VC999 TS1500 supports efficient production. The die sets are easily accessible and can be changed quickly and easily without any tools by using fast connectors. A simplified film feed and film roll tension enable a fast film change.

The VC999 TS1500 tray sealer is very simple to operate. All functions are controlled by touch screen with user guidance. The programs can be adjusted individually to the product being packaged. Various languages can be selected.

The VC999 TS1500 can be adapted individually to different customer needs. Available options are: extended infeed conveyor for flexible tray filling, print mark detection for printed top film, converging conveyor and die set trolleys.