CP 201
At the Intercool exhibition in Düsseldorf Germany, booth 07a D02 CPS Case Packing Systems will present the successor of the proven CP 201 case packer line. CPS Case Packing Systems in Stramproy in the Netherlands produces end of line packing machines.
The involvement and knowledge of CPS are reflected in the realised technical solutions which are marked by simplicity, reliability and high quality finish. The new casepacker is upgraded in capacity. Besides that the flexibility is increased using less components. CPS Case Packing Systems will show the new line from take over from the Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine until case closing, forming is a standard case packing line. CPS Case Packing Systems will run the machine at the booth with real product that will be packed into cases in order to show all the new features of the case packer line.

CPS Case Packing Systems has the knowledge and proven experience to pack flexible and semi flexible packaging. Due to the fact that flexible bags are not stackable you need a special way of packing. Through the years has CPS Case Packing Systems got the knowledge and experience to handle flexible packaging in a way where speed, product handling and more product packed per m3 are increased. The CP 201 Casepacker will pack more product per m3 than is possible by hand. For our customers, this will reduce costs as production costs, stock costs and transport costs.
A Casepacker line can be built with several elements like in-feed systems, metal detectors, leak detection, check weighing, devices to level, spread and devide products, etc. etc. In other words, CPS Case Packing Systems listens to their customers and reduces the customers packaging costs by supplying a packaging line. Giving advice and optimise the packaging is also a feature of CPS Case Packing Systems. Subjects as product routing, lay-out, product safety, product efficiency, cost reduction etc will be evaluated with the customer. Our end of line packaging machines can pack almost any type of flexible bags, it makes no difference for products like pillow bags, pouches, gusseted bags, doypacks, block bottom bags and even trays can be packed in different patterns.

CPS Case Packing Systems is a strong innovative organisation that listens to the market and builds since 1988 end of line case packer for automatic packaging flexible and semi flexible packaging in cases, trays, crates and containers. Case Packing Systems was established in 1988 as a new company. This company was the spin off of UVA which was specialised in manufacturing vertical form, fill and seal machinery since 1957.
Since the foundation CPS has integrated its wide experience in bag producing and bag handling technology in the construction of case packing installations. As a result CPS Case Packing Systems has succeeded in almost 19 years to achieve a significant market share in case packer systems. Especially in the field of case packer installations for frozen food applications CPS has performed extremely well.

CP 202 SF Economy
Beside the CP 201 Case packer for high capacity has CPS Case Packing Systems developed in 2006 the CP 202 SF Economy. This is a new case packer special for the bakery market. The CP 202 SF Economy Case packer has the features of the CP 201 but has a lower capacity. The price quality rate is extremely good and is perfect for customers which pack less amount of different products at one line. The CP 202 SF Economy line is not to be seen at the Intercool exhibition.