As the Christmas season approaches – a time when consumers are inclined to open their wallets – retailers have to strike while the iron is hot. A gift package that is suggestive of the occasion and the contents is easy to carry home and looks gorgeous under the tree. It also stimulates sales and makes handling easier.

Function and appeal, hand-in-hand

“Bedding sales go up in December and the majority of purchases are gifts that have to be wrapped before they are given. That is where this package comes in. It keeps traffic flowing in the store and the customer gets fast check-out and good service, says Senior Buyer Mikkel Simonsen, who is responsible for the continual development of Jysk Nordic’s store concept.

The design was created by Pais Design. The criteria for the assignment were few but stringent: the package had to be elegant, practical, preferably somewhat unusual and – naturally – economical with regard to production and handling. The outcome of the close collaborative process in which various constructions and materials were tested was this packaging solution using FRÖVI LIGHT.

Only Frövi is good enough

“When it came to choosing the material, we already knew that Frövi is the only cartonboard that could meet the high standards for printing results, flexibility and strength,” says Benedikte Pais, president of Pais Design. “Frövi’s environmental awareness and their high proportion of raw materials from FSC certified forests were especially important to Jysk, as Jysk was involved in founding the certification programme.”

The package was introduced in Jysk Nordic’s stores for the 2004 Christmas season. Based on the enthusiastic response of customers and employees alike, the winning concept has been brought back for Christmas 2005.

Jysk – Lars Larsen is the king of Danish entrepreneurs. He opened his first store in Denmark in 1979 with “Et godt tilbud” (“A Good Deal”) and recently opened his thousandth store in Europe. His motto is “Commercialism, Collegiality, and Esprit de Corps.” That golden rule has enabled a never-ending “good deal” in which the retailer offers appealing high-quality products and service at a low price. Bedding and bedroom furnishings are the core products.

FSC – The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent international organisation devoted to forest certification and environmental product labelling aimed at guaranteeing consumers that materials originated in sustainably managed forests. All AssiDomän/Sveaskog forests were certified in 1997/98.

FRÖVI LIGHT is a virgin firbre cartonboard with a four-layer construction. It has an unbleached bottom layer and a bleached (TCF = Totally Chlorine Free) clay-coated top layer. FRÖVI LIGHT has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions, and the moisture resistance makes it perfect for packaging frozen food. The high moisture resistance is explained by the hardsizing in the pulp. The hard-sizing surrounds the fibres like a raincoat and delays any penetration of moisture into the fibres. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Substance range 250gsm to 330gsm.

Retailer: Jysk Nordic Division
Designer: Pais Design, Denmark
Converter: Jens Johansen ApS, Denmark
Cartonboard supplier: AssiDomän Frövi
Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 290g/m²