Marketing trends come and go and the only constant in the field is change. But one thing getting clearer all the time is that a strong brand needs more than visual marketing and the tendency is moving towards involving other senses in building the brand. The visual is combined with the senses of touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Packaging offers exciting opportunities here as a marketing channel. L’Occitane’s delightful scented candles, packaged in FRÖVI BRIGHT, are a superb example of how a brand is combining sensory perceptions to attain success. "The package is sensory communication," says Pascale Baussan, creative director at L’Occitane.

The luxurious fragrance burner is securely packaged in FRÖVI BRIGHT. The extraordinary pliability of the material enables the slightly springy, shock-absorbing construction that keeps the contents firmly in place. Cartonboard from Frövi, known for its strength, easily manages the additional stress caused by the weight of the burner.

The visual impression is incredibly important, of course. The design and colour scheme make the package unmistakably "L’Occitane." It appeals to the sense of touch with the round shape and the soft, velvety feel of the package, achieved by printing on the reverse side of FRÖVI BRIGHT. You will have to take our word for it that the fragrance spread by the candle creates a sense of well-being and inner harmony.

FRÖVI BRIGHT combines the strength characteristics of unbleached kraftboard with a white and luxurious reverse. The construction of the board uses the well-established Frövi approach - a four layer virgin fibre board with a bleached (TCF= Totally Chlorine Free) clay-coated top layer. The difference with FRÖVI BRIGHT is that it also has a bleached bottom layer, making it unique in the market place. FRÖVI BRIGHT has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Substance range 270 - 390 gsm.

Producer: L’Occitane, France
Converter: BES Cartonnages, France
Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi
Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 390 gsm