A growing number of cosmetics producers are having their eyes opened to FRÖVI BRIGHT cartonboard. Examples are shown here of new packages for nail sculpting and permanent dye for eyelashes and brows sold by retailers including H&M. The package strikes a perfect balance between retail needs for hanging display, selling power and the consumer’s need for detailed information.

Print results important
The basic rule of not disrupting the graphic design with too much information was successfully broken for the permanent dye package. A clever design featuring an extra flap provided more printing space, which the customer used for an informative picture on the front and a balanced layout of pictures and instructions for use in four languages on the inside. In addition to sharp eyes on the part of the consumer, the small print requires superior printability of the cartonboard.

Cosmetics up the walls
The package was designed to be sold in self-service chain stores. It is displayed hanging at eye-level and the picture immediately says what the product is all about. "Both our private brands and producers’ brands vie for attention in our stores - products have to stand out to be noticed. A good package communicates the contents clearly, and naturally it has to stimulate sales. If it fails, the product is rapidly eliminated from the range," says Kristina Blom, Store Manager at H&M in Örebro.

Printing the instructions for use on the package instead of an insert lets the customer see what steps are involved in the procedure while they are still in the store, and hopefully convinces her that it is worth a try. This is a kind of do-it-yourself treatment and can save the cost-conscious customer a lot of money compared to a salon treatment. Good looks and cost-effectiveness - that is also what FRÖVI BRIGHT has to give.

FRÖVI BRIGHT combines the strength characteristics of unbleached kraft cartonboard with a bleached white and more luxurious reverse side. The construction is the same as for the popular Frövi cartonboard: a four-layer virgin fibre cartonboard with a bleached (TCF = totally chlorine free) top layer coated with a chalk/clay mixture. The hallmark of FRÖVI BRIGHT is the bleached reverse side, which makes it unique in the market. FRÖVI BRIGHT follows Frövi’s successful concept of optimal opportunities for material reduction, smart packaging solutions, purity and superior printing surface. Available in substances of 270gsm to 390gsm.

Cartonboard supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden
Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 270 gsm