AlpVision will showcase Fingerprint™, a world-leading technology for authentication of genuine medicine tablets without any markings, at the Pharmapack exhibition in Paris, to be held on the 1-2 February 2010.

Roland Meylan, AlpVision’s co-founder, will feature in a session on product security for protection against counterfeit tablets on 1 Feb 2010 starting at 11:20am in the exhibition’s auditorium. This session will be chaired by Jean-Marc Bobée, director of anti-counterfeit strategy at Sanofi-Aventis, and Professor Jean-Claude Chaumeil of the Université René Descartes Paris V.

AlpVision’s Fingerprint technology enables detection of counterfeiting and remarking of integrated circuits (ICs). ICs are major targets for fraudulent business, either through production of counterfeits of the ICs of major brands or by re-marking older generations of ICs with fake identification codes. Both types of fraud are effectively detected by AlpVision’s patented Fingerprint
technology, which protects the component without additional

Using a simple off-the-shelf flatbed scanner, instant verification is
performed on-line, anywhere, anytime. An image of the upper surface of the case
is sent to a Krypsos™ secured server, where it is automatically compared with reference
images stored in a database, allowing identification of the ICs of the original manufacturer.

AlpVision solution protects current ICs in stock, those already distributed in the supply chain and
those produced before the deployment of the Fingerprint anti-counterfeiting programme.