Changed consumer habits, convenience and a comfortable price level open up an opportunity.

Now and Then

As a result of foreign travel Swedes have brought continental habits back home. Step by step the consumption pattern of wine-drinking has changed from opening a bottle at week-ends to drinking a glass now and then. Bag-in-Box brings the possibility to take just the amount you want and what is left stays fresh for another six weeks. The first Bag-in-Box was introduced in 1996 and in 2003 the concept represented half of the wine sold at Systembolaget (the Swedish State-owned alcohol retailer). Compared to bottles the price is approx. 85 %. Even if we are talking of medium priced wine, the quality of the wine in Bag-in-Box has improved consistently.

High Demands on Appearance

Å&R Carton AS in Skjeberg, Norway, are specialists in litholaminating (printed cartonboard glued to singelfaced corrugated). The method they are using allows tailor-made packages and could be described as “the Rolls-Royce” in the corrugated business. They are producing Bag-in-Box for the Norwegian wine-importer Arcus. “The appearance is extremely important and Arcus are very demanding and want new designs all the time. This is good for us as we constantly have to be on top to meet their demands regarding the graphical appearance. A good print result is crucial and for further effects we are working with foiling and embossing. For this reason we chose Frövi and with their board we also get a strong pack that can withstand tough handling and stacking directly on the pallet” says Mrs Jette Hansen, Purchasing Manager at Å&R.

Convenience – A Strong Trend

“People demand convenience and that shows not only in Bag-in-Box but also in the growing Ready Meals selection. Last year this segment grew by 40 % in our business. The lifestyle we have with single or two persons households makes us very open for a quick and convenient solution for the weekday meals”, says Mrs Hansen, “and the shopping is often reduced to grab something that appeals to us for the moment. In the fight for the consumers’ attention the producers therefore prescribe more colours and varnish on the packs today.”

Long Term Business with Frövi

“The partnership with Frövi is long-established and most of the business is based on contracts on a yearly basis, which helps in our planning, and for new “out-of-the-blue” projects we can manage thanks to Frövi:s flexibility”, Mrs Hansen concludes.

  • Wine-importer: Arcus, Norway
  • Converter: Å&R Carton AS, Norway
  • Retailer: Systembolaget, Sweden and Vinmonopolet AS, Norway
  • Cartonboard Producer: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden
  • Substance: FRÖVI LIGHT 250 gsm – litholaminated with corrugated board