VC999 Packaging Systems debuts its new i series thermoformer. The i series thermoformer was designed with lifecycle cost in mind. This new system keeps cost of ownership low with open source parts, lower utility cost, fewer moving parts and lower part consumption.

This new generation of thermoformer offers many new and unique features:

  • Easy to navigate HMI: the i series thermoformer runs on a reliable PLC platform; the HMI operates on an industrial PC which is connected via embedded XP software. The i series uses Skype, with an integrated camera to communicate with VC999 service engineers
  • The servo drive controlled form in-feed system functions without trapeze rollers or a dancer arm, which minimises contamination and automates the tension control system. The top film operates with servo drive and an automated tension control system. The main drive operates with servo drive to ensure the highest speed and accuracy
  • Designed with maintenance in mind, the i series features easy and quick access to all areas, including easy accessibility to the high flow vacuum valve and swing-out pneumatics
  • Operating systems are ultra-high speed with a one gigabyte Ethernet Field Buss CC link IE field. This system is ten times faster than any other thermoformer currently on the market. Speeds on the i series can achieve one gigabyte per second transmission. Real time protocol enables the control of remote I/O field devices with essentially no transmission delay
  • A unique corner-free frame construction, two-stage high pressure die lift system (patent pending) with high up force pressure enable the i series to ensure the best forming and sealing results. With the i series, there is no die chiming needed. The i series machine can run thin flexible film as well as thick rigid without die adjustments
  • With a new, robust, industrial design, the i series is built for high abuse and complete wash down
  • The MIS information management system on the new i series can be managed via PC or cellular device