Where will we be tomorrow? This is an issue that Korsnäs (earlier AssiDomän Frövi) has been working on for the past two years in a large strategic packaging board project, where a thorough global market analysis was conducted to determine which products and services customers would like to have. The analysis led to a plan that included significant investments and developmental work which has now resulted in a new product.

Never sitting back to relax, and constantly fine-tuning the concept, are basic elements of the Korsnäs philosophy where customer orientation is the main focus. It is important to heed trends in consumption patterns in order to understand brand owners and retailers. The selling role of packaging is increasing significantly, and is expected to reflect the image of the brand. This greatly influences the demands placed on the cartonboard by demanding products as well as needs for packaging performance service.

FRÖVI WHITE – Designed for Packaging Impact

"Our plan is to deliver the new product during the first quarter of 2007," says Rolf Gustafsson, Manager of Strategic Business Process for packaging board in Korsnäs.
"FRÖVI WHITE is being positioned as solid bleached sulphate board (SBS) with a coated reverse. In addition to tough demands on whiteness, uniformity and print results on the front and reverse, an optimised fibre composition is able to satisfy demands for increased designability. Korsnäs´ well-known strong fibres exist in the new composition - but dressed in white, which makes the product unique on the market. We expect FRÖVI WHITE to be able to meet any requirements of the most demanding brand owners within the luxury segment. Furthermore, the service we will offer related to construction proposals, packaging optimisation and consumer evaluation will make our offering unbeatable," says Rolf Gustafsson.