In a new development for the bulk packaging sector, leading plastic and steel packaging solutions provider VIP Packaging is now manufacturing intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) under an exclusive license from the internationally acclaimed Mauser® group.

Ideal for maximising pallet space, these new 1,000l IBCs are manufactured using food-grade plastic and components for transporting or storing foodstuffs, including honey. VIP Packaging’s Mauser IBCs are rated up to 70°C, which means they can be used in hot boxes to improve the liquidity of stored honey when required. These new IBCs form an integral part of VIP Packaging’s 360° solution through which it can supply customers with new or rebottled IBCs, arrange collection after use and rebottle and redeliver IBCs ready for filling once again.

As the leading packaging provider in Australia, VIP Packaging also supplies new and re-make 200l drums. Preferred by the export market, VIP Packaging’s re-make drums combine the economy of a reconditioned drum with the standard and performance of a brand new drum. Cleaned inside and outside then coated with FDA-approved Epivar lining, VIP Packaging’s re-make drums are hydraulically reformed, delivering ‘good as new’ bodies with the integrity of a new closed head top. VIP Packaging supplied the honey market with well-known Galvabond drums for many years, under the Rheem brand.

With strategically placed distribution hubs along Australia’s eastern seaboard, in Western Australia and New Zealand, VIP Packaging can provide competitive prices and timely delivery of both new and rebottled IBCs plus new and re-make drums.