Delicate formulas, which are sensitive to light and other environmental factors, may benefit from the protection of Yonwoo Luxefoil tubes. These luxury tubes offer a two-fold defence against external contaminants. Airless technology shields the product from contact with air, while an aluminium barrier effectively blocks out light.

The Yonwoo Luxefoil tube features a multi-layered construction; a printable PE outer layer, an aluminium middle layer and a PE inner layer. The inner foil uniquely acts as a barrier to light, gas and moisture and is impermeable to organic and chemical substances. This enables it to avoid the migration effect and protect formulas sensitive to light and oxidation, while the inner and outer PE layers offer excellent sealability. Luxefoil tubes are not crushable, thanks to a high resistance to deformation.

These sleek-looking tubes have no visible side seam. Decoration options include screen printing and offset printing, as well as metallic-effect colouring, subtly reinforcing the pack’s foil barrier properties. As the decoration is applied before welding, it can extend the length of the sleeve for a highly-attractive pack.

Luxefoil tubes feature an exclusive collapsible shoulder and are available in fill sizes of 10ml-130ml, with four tube diameters, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm or 40mm. They are supplied with an airless pump or valve, but can also be fitted with a range of standard caps on request.