CPS Case Packing Systems in Stramproy, Holland, will show the new CP Compact casepacker at the Empack fair, in Den Bosch Holland, on April the 4th and 5th 2007.

The small CP Compact casepacker is developed especially for the bread industry, and is made with ideal features for this industry.

The system automatically loads bags into cases. The bags are provided via an in-feed conveyor on which the bags can optionally be turned 90°, collected and / or overlapped to get the most functional packing patterns.

One can operate the CP Compact casepacker very easily using the IPC menu control, which makes the CP Compact very flexible. As the casepacker is small, with only the most necessary options, it reduces the total cost of ownership and the pay-back time is very short. This makes the casepacker ideal, even for one-shift packing.

Many products and packing pattern are possible, the capacity is up to 50 bags a minute, and it is executed in stainless steel and aluminium components.

Please come to our stand, D1005, for more information.