Mälarchocolaterie is a small company in Västerås that produces handmade chocolate and pastries for connoisseurs. The tea room and shop are located in the concert hall, and provide an excellent combination for a complete experience: a time of meditation before the concert is like music to the mouth. The tea room is specially designed and an experience in itself, but the pleasure can be experienced anywhere. A large portion of sales are in the form of ‘pleasure cartons,’ containing cakes, pastries and coffee to go.

The specially-designed packaging has been a great success and mirrors a lifestyle. It should be functional and convenient, whilst at the same time luxurious and expectation-creating. "When our business was growing and we needed to feel secure at each step of the way, we began to consider packaging material. Korsnäs’ proven smell and taste neutrality was the reason we contacted the company to find out more," says Thomas Brännström, founder and joint owner of Mälarchocolaterie.


"We wanted to create interest in our product by using packaging, and had a great many ideas for possible solutions," added Brännström. "The service provided to us by PackLab is completely unique. They understand how we think, and translated our thoughts and paper models into prototypes that have now gone into production. They just thought one step further. Where we asked for function, they provided a solution that provides both function and decorative detail."

It started with ‘pleasure cartons,’ for ‘to go’ orders, and the next step will be to introduce a new packaging series for the chocolate range as well. New prototypes are produced at PackLab. "We have received fantastic service in terms of design and packaging know-how from Korsnäs," conclude joint owners Elaine Chan and Thomas Brännström.

"We have really been able to utilise the qualities of Korsnäs’ cartons in the best way imaginable in terms of design and function for this assignment," says Anna Jansson, laboratory engineer. PackLab’s staff attest to the chocolate being divinely delicious. Every individual has his or her own favourite among the different kinds of chocolate.


First-class ingredients and supervision at every step of the way is the recipe for success. It isn’t just the packaging material that is reviewed in minute detail. The result is a moment of happiness and pleasure.