A part of the magic of Christmas is the repetition that is involved. It should be like it always has been, otherwise it is just not Christmas. Computer-games and other extravagances are on many children’s wish-lists, while the ‘minimum claim’ for younger children in the Baltic States and many Eastern countries is a toy and a chocolate box.

Many companies have a tradition of inviting the children of employees to a Christmas party, and then the chocolate box is a must. One design outshines the other and here you really can talk about packaging impact. In some countries the children already get their chocolate box on Nicolaus Day, the 6th of December, and there the specially-designed chocolate is meant as decoration for the Christmas tree and should be eaten immediately after Christmas. Often, the closer you come to Christmas the less decoration is left on the tree. Waiting is difficult …


Converters and chocolate producers are working under high pressure before the season. The prerequisite of these creative packs is that they are manually glued. Many seasonal workers are employed for this task during the hectic period when the production is underway. These chocolate boxes are made in Frövi Light by Grafobal Vilnius for the Russian-speaking market.

"The major part of our promotion packs have different shapes and a demanding design, and then the Korsnäs cartonboard material is the first choice," says Mr Egidijus Razmus, MD at Grafobal Vilnius. "We have 15 years’ experience of what you can do with the material, and we feel safe, as our co-operation with the mill in Frövi has always worked without any problem."