New Italian cosmetics company GLM has selected a complete range of Yonwoo Jumbo packs from Quadpack for the launch of its Hino brand of cosmetics. Hino is an acronym for high intelligence natural organic, which perfectly describes the brand’s philosophy.

Hino uses only naturally-derived cosmetics, making airless a perfect choice. Airless packs protect sensitive formulas from external contamination, by avoiding contact with air and minimising contact with skin.

The range, available from pharmacies only, comprises five 50ml and two 30ml Jumbo Slimline packs, two 50ml Jumbo packs and a 5ml sample tube.

The new range has benefitted from the talent of Italian designer Gianni Cagnoni, who created a beautiful brand image based on a delicate bouquet of magnolia flowers, painted in pink and white tones. With the exception of the Hino Velvet Touch hand cream, the whole range is packaged in white matte-coated packs with pale pink caps, with the Hino logo hot-stamped on top. The bottles also have the logo hot-stamped in silver, with fine-line lettering screen-printed in black.

GLM executive manager Leopoldo Caudullo says: “The new Hino collection is totally organic, containing over 15 patented molecules of natural origin. In Quadpack, we found the right packaging partner. They understood our philosophy, developing packs that are airless and recyclable with a real sense of style.”