The VC999 07S vacuum chamber machine is ideal for medium to large size production plants and a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. The machine offers outstanding features:

  • Large capacity vacuum chamber
  • High performance
  • Sturdy design for non-stop operation
  • High vacuum with automatic setpoint monitoring
  • VC999 vacuuming stops at the evaporation point for perfect packaging quality
  • Dependably seals a wide variety of composite foil and laminated aluminium packing materials. Hermetic double-sealed seam, automatic overhang detachment
  • Automated monitoring of sealing temperature and time protects the packing material and machine
  • Low-maintenance PLC control (programmable logic controller): easy and user-friendly operation via graphic touch control panel; user guidance by display; various languages can be selected; 30 different programs available

The VC999 07S is designed for industrial needs and absolute dependability. Personal safety is exemplary, and operator errors are almost impossible. Access to the machine remains unrestricted on all sides, and operator intervention is limited to the absolute minimum.

Optimising the packaging process

The VC999 07S vacuum packing machine can be extended with various peripherals to form a complete industrial packaging system. By adding the VC999 85.47 shrink tank, VC999 system rotor and feed/discharge conveyors, you can build up a high-performance shrink-packaging line. And with two packing machines, you can set up a complete tandem system for industrial packaging.

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