At Pack Expo 2008 in Chicago, USA, Romaco will be presenting the fastest horizontal intermittent motion cartoner of its class: the Promatic P 91S. With a maximum output of 140 cartons per minute, this compact plant is setting new standards for the packaging industry.

Siebler HM 1/230, the vertical heat-sealing machine, has a great impact on the strip-packaging sector. Absolute reproducibility of all sealing parameters such as pressure, temperature and speed indicates highest accuracy during the whole production process.

Romaco’s Bosspak RTC 15 tablet and capsule counter is a winner with its impressive counting technology. The sensor-controlled Quad-Count system captures the products to be counted from all sides and is able to discard damaged tablets.

A further trade fair highlight is the Unipac tube filler U 2060 for the filling of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments. This compact machine has a maximum output of 60 tubes per minute and is the perfect fit for small and medium production batches.

The FrymaKoruma Dinex Lab vacuum processing plant for manufacturing liquid and semisolid forms is equipped with a powerful homogenizer, designed in accordance with the rotor-stator principle. Two bypass pipes provide flexible adjustments to the process parameters and allow extremely variable batch sizes.

The products can be seen in booth S 25 17 at Pack Expo 2008 in Chicago, USA, 9-13 November, 2008.

The Siebler HM 1/230 vertical heat-sealing machine

In the strip-packaging sector, the Siebler HM 1/230 vertical heat-sealing machine is a trend-setter for future technological development. The machine is used for packaging solid pharmaceutical products such as tablets, dragees, capsules and effervescent tablets. The single products are welded into foil packages using a heat-sealing process. Strip packaging is preferred for single doses used in hospitals and for drug samples, as well as for packaging medication for single dosage use.

The medication is heat-sealed at packaging speeds of up to 5,000 cycles per minute. The products can be fed into the machine on up to 16 foil strips and be packaged. Various foil widths can be selected with a maximum of 750 millimeters. At the end of the heat-sealing process, the foil is cut precisely to size and then stacked in finished product units.

The parameters – sealing pressure, sealing speed and temperature – are individually adjustable and completely reproducible. High precision and simultaneous high packaging speed characterize the heat-sealing machines of Siebler type HM 1.

Unipac tube-filler U 2060

The eight station Romaco Unipac Tube filler U 2060 is the optimal technology for the filling of semi solids for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. This machine can fall products into aluminum, laminate or plastic tubes, depending on the necessities of the application. The tubes can come in different sizes and various shapes.

The U 2060 offers a wide range of closing systems with different folding and heat sealing systems. Due to the flexibility of the machine and its process parameters, it is the ideal solution for the most demanding applications regarding the handling and design of the tubes.

Loading of the tubes on to the machine is easily accomplished due to the very ergonomic access to the tube storage. The tubes can optionally be cleaned with sterile air before they are automatically filled and sealed. All coding with product or safety information is possible on one or both sides. Depending on the requirements, the filled tubes are discharged either with the fold or the sealing cap at the head. The robust unit offers a maximum output of 60 tubes per minute, and is the perfect fit for small and medium production batches.