The implementation of new software and process change into a business can be challenging, especially since every business has different requirements. Rarely is it the case that ‘one size fits all’. To help improve product life-cycle management, SBT has developed ODIN Fusion, which enables brands and retailers to integrate the ODIN product life-cycle management platform with existing systems and applications.

ODIN is SBT’s browser-based technology solution that ensures the design-to-print process is controlled by a transparent critical path, which all stakeholders can monitor in real time. It works by coordinating all the processes involved in developing brands, taking them from concept to consumer. The platform is made up of a series of modules (ODIN On Time, ODIN Sprint, ODIN Assets and ODIN Brand Toolbox), each of which can be combined to deliver a system that meets exact requirements.

Fusion is a bespoke solution that has been created by SBT to provide a link between critical business applications and the ODIN modules. It allows the client to keep existing software applications in place and add value to them by installing the different ODIN solutions. The software will help businesses improve operations without having to overhaul their IT systems, which is inherently difficult and time-consuming.

Martin Hawkins, executive director of SBT, commented: “We understand the problems that come from introducing new technologies into a business and have developed ODIN Fusion with end users in mind. The solution allows customers to integrate one or all of the ODIN modules into existing processes, ensuring that the company continues to run seamlessly right the way through installation.

“The flexibility of ODIN’s modules allows our clients to create a system that can be accessed by everyone involved in the product development process from brand managers to packaging and printing specialists. Adding Fusion to our portfolio enables us to meet the needs of all retailers and brands, and provide them with a bespoke solution that adds value to their business,” concluded Martin.

The ODIN platform

ODIN On Time is a module that helps to reduce the common delays involved in the design-to-print process by giving the brand owner total control of the entire workflow and execution.

ODIN Sprint is designed to reduce the time and cost associated with the brand artwork and graphics process. It provides simplified processes at SKU level to easily implement artwork-only amendments and delivers highly efficient graphics process management to FMCG brand owners. The module provides control and visibility of the process and structured storage of all artwork files.

ODIN Assets is an advanced centralised library of a brand’s digital data made up of its brand guidelines, photographs, documents, audio, video and graphics. The solution offers brand owners a number of benefits such as improved brand consistency, one central source for all digital assets, easy re-use by the business locally and globally, improved efficiencies in NPD and savings on localised variant graphic production costs.

ODIN Brand Toolbox allows clients to set business rules around graphic and textual content to ensure elements are consistently applied and can be updated centrally. It provides the ability to reproduce graphics at the touch of a button and is used across multiple media such as packaging artwork, posters and brochures, eliminating the need for agencies to manually create alternative versions of a master file. The module drives down the cost of the process and speeds up completion.