Quadpack is proud to announce a ground-breaking packaging innovation – the Quadpack double tube. Designed to deliver complementary products, this flexible pack offers excellent price / performance while taking the pain out of a traditionally difficult filling process.

The Quadpack double tube features two tubes sealed by a single, shared cap at the centre. Unlike any other double tube on the market, Quadpack’s model is designed with two detachable parts, which can be filled separately on standard filling lines.

The tubes come as standard with a narrow applicator and a slanted applicator. This makes it ideal for two-part treatments, such as anti-ageing serum and intensive moisturiser. It also enables companies to package treatment and cosmetic combinations in a single pack, such as spot cream and concealer or lip balm and colour gloss. The advantage to consumers of keeping a single product in their handbag is clear.

Available in quantities of 5ml-10ml either side, the Quadpack double tube offers a host of decoration options and can embrace a wide range of styles, from the boldest colour schemes to the most intricate patterns. Moreover, its polypropylene / polyethylene construction means it is 100% recyclable.