Creative packaging ideas with many different aspects of added value were presented in the annual packaging seminar in Barcelona in June.

20 students from six schools in the Iberian peninsula were participating in the seminar at the Escola Massana art- and design school. Nestlé and the converter Grafopack were among the sponsors as well as Frövi. This year the main sponsor was Pro-Carton. In parallel with this seminar ten students from Borlänge university made their exam-works in Frövi board.

“Functional – Rational – Emotional are the corner stones for a good pack”, said the designer Jose M Trias at his speech at the final presentation of the works at the seminar. “All packs must have a share of these elements. Depending on the end-use the proportions might differ, but all three aspects have to be represented for a successful pack. Colours, shapes, texture and proportions are means to emphasize emotions but can also be functional and informative, like light colours for childrens’ products and white for something neutral. Another way to be functional and informative is using a window that displays the contents. It’s a clear trend today, preferably without plastic and thereby offering the advantage of a monomaterial pack.”

Re-Design for Growth!

On the final day of the seminar the students presented their project-works. One of the them was a rabbit-cage in Frövi board, and the leading character at the seminar was a fast-growing rabbit who gave the presentation a very charming frame. The tailor-made cage had to be re-designed at the last minute, as the rabbit had been very well fed and in a couple of days he had grown out of the first version.

Barcelona Exam-Works:

Rabbit cage in two parts: One part for transport and the other used as a cage. Small holes and an opening for jumping in and out. An absorbent paper keeps the cage dry.

Convertible Shoe Box: The shoe box is easily transformed into a storage box that change shape thanks to pre-cuts in the box design. The storage box is designed for shoe equipment.

Borlänge Exam-Works:

Chocolate box for a princess: Who can resist this chocolate box? A good example of how the package sells the contents and also a good example of how you can experiment with different shapes and designs when you use a strong board like Frövi.

Nail-box on the belt: Convenient pack for the DIY-carpenter who easily has the nails at hand. If the box is not on the belt it is easy to find thanks to the bold colour. Also a hanging device for display at the retailer.

Textile colour with stencils: Convenient kit with everything you need in one pack. The pack has a hanging device for maximum display in the store and the design is very informative regarding the contents.

”Grand” chocolate box: When opened it forms the shape of a fan, providing an element of surprise.

“Lady” perfume: The pack is unconventional and it may well be used as a combined gift with “Grand” chocolate.

“Zanthia” nail varnish collection: Creative package that displays contents very well, thanks to the open windows.

“Fresh” gel with pockets for cotton: A creative package that uses it shape to increase the sales appeal of the product.

“Stripes” mens perfume: Strong impact created by different shape and exciting graphical design.